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Executive Brief

You need quick access to state-of-the-art management information, right? Of course you do. There is just one problem. In today's hectic corporate world, you simply have too much to do and too little time to sift through hundreds of books and thousands of articles to find the advice you need. Which books should you read? What articles could provide you with some insight? Whose writings should you seek on the internet. Who is the authority on a particular issue?

What advice does he or she offer? How do the ideas of one authority complement or conflict with those of another? Most importantly, whose ideas about how to manage and run business really produce results? Under what circumstances do their ideas work or not work? You need a guide to help you answer these questions. Congratulations. You have just found it!

Falcon Hunters Executive Brief, has been designed to provide you with a clear, concise, and informative introduction to the wisdom of the world's top business advisors. Our program is highly opinionated but informative. The skills, ideas and concepts of the world's top business thinkers are presented. But we have designed this program to be more than just a digest of current thought about business. The ideas of each business thinker are linked and cross-linked with those of other experts who agree or disagree. We have identified the ideas that coincide and those that conflict. We show you how some of the world's most important management theories and concepts have evolved.

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Executive Brief

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